ESENSE, there is a meaning in what we do

We create product for ourselves and share it with the world.


To manufacture a product with a worldwide recognition, that makes interior stylish and fills the space with a sense. To always look for new solutions to implement our ideas. To constantly improve the quality of the products. To make simple everyday objects more functional and aesthetic.


ESENSE founders - designers Anna and Dmitrii Pugach (PUGACH interior & architecture design studio). Experience in design of residential and public interior design allows us to feel and understand all the nuances of style, shape and material combinations.


– Create and sell a good product, use and enjoy.
– We are open and encourage creators, designers and traders to cooperate actively.
– To designers, architects and people who think outside the box we offer to embody ideas together and promote them on design market.
– We provide excellent conditions for the implementation of our products on your trading platform to dealers.
– We guarantee high quality products and respect to your business.
– The owner of our products will fill his space with benefits and meaning.